What the F#@K is SEO?!

Lady straight losing her mind over this newfangled SEO stuff

Ha! That’s probably what you look like right now. She’s crazy. Anyway…

So you want to run a website or a blog, whatever it may be about. Luckily, it’s extremely easy to get one started these days. Not luckily, everybody else in the entire world had the same exact thought. Say you’ve got your blog, you’ve written some deep sh*t, but nobody is reading it? (Sorry for the cursing, I try to type like I talk. You know, for authenticity!) That’s most likely because your content is buried beneath all the other mounds of information posted by the countless people before you. You suddenly start to realize that it’s not as easy as it seems. Most people have little to no experience of what to do next. So you hit up your old pal Google and ask him… or her, I won’t assume gender here, “how can I increase my blog’s traffic?” I’m sure that’s never been asked before by anyone ever. You’ll start to notice there is this term being thrown around left and right, called “search engine optimization,” or SEO for short. Now, SEO is a fickle beast, and the formulas and algorithms and all those other fancy words for determining a website’s page rank change frequently. What was once making websites rank at the top of their desired keyword now penalizes them for the same thing. I’ve just shot your confidence all to hell haven’t I? Fear not, it gets better from here.

BE – Original

You have to do your research. If your blog’s content is about, let’s say, football! If you just generally write about football related news with no real direction, you’re going to disappear among the masses, no matter how much gold your churning out with those little fingers. You just come in out of the gate and write a recap about the big game last night, I guarantee you’ll get zero views.

DON’T BE – Delusional.
The big name websites have already done it and by sheer size they get rank over you. Try focusing on a certain area of football that you know a lot about and dive in there. Maybe you’ve got a favorite player in that game returning from a major injury and a lot of people don’t realize it. There’s your way in. In a world where everybody has the same access to the same material, you’re going to need to stand out with originality if you want to be noticed. Readers realize this, even the google index bots realize this. If what you’re writing is the same old sh*t being thrown out there day after day by everyone else, people are going to pass over it and the search engine’s will discard it.

So again, the rule of thumb: BE ORIGINAL AND NOT DELUSIONAL. Catchy, right? Totally just made it up. We’re just getting started so stick with us for more posts about SEO tips. In the meantime, you can always head on over to our SEO REPORT PROGRAM and see where your site ranks. We have a GUIDE as well you can refer to to help answer any questions about the improvement suggestions you receive. Good luck!


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