Girl looks confused at a map like it's the first time she'e ever seen it. Much like you when you look at your SEO report pdf.

This is clearly her first time reading a map.

You just ran your website through the SEO analysis, downloaded the seo report pdf, and now have your score…. but it’s all kinds of janked. You can choose one of two options:

1. Nothing

2. Something

That’s all I got there, I don’t really have anything clever. Preparation has never been my strong suit.

So, let’s assume you chose number 2. Which is not to wallow in the fetal position in a puddle of self loathing. You know you want that page rank but right now it’s just not happening. You have to be committed here because drastic changes are in order. We’re talking a complete overhaul of your whole website. Yea, all those hours you spent making it just right, we’re gonna — just kidding. Sometimes the changes you need are just a small tweak or two and you’ll be firing on all cylinders. So grab your SEO PDF and come with me!

The (most likely, but not definitely) Fix: ALT tags

THE #1 issue most people run into when using this program is finding out they don’t have alt tags on their images your blog’s images are searchable in Google, in case you didn’t know. The alt tags for ALL of your images need to contain a description. This assists for two major reasons: 1 is direct and 1 is indirect.

1. Google uses these alt tags to index your images, helping users find what their looking for. If you were to type “flying monkeys” into the image search, you’ll get a bunch of flying monkeys taking up your computer screen. How do you think this is made possible?


Luckily, if you’re using WordPress then editing your alt tags is extremely simple. Make sure to include your SEO keyword from the report you’re wanting to rank for.

2. Ease of use. Google, and all other search engines, also have their customers as well. People who are vision impaired and unable to see these images as well will benefit from an alt tag describing the image.


Your site is likely to be passed over for these reasons. Fix these alt tag issues and come back. Run another analysis, download the SEO report PDF, then compare the two. You will have a higher score and after a while, a higher page rank. Now there is another issue it could be if this does not work that will not be listed on the SEP report PDF: The content is just, well… it’s just not good. Or it’s not original. Some wonderful words to close on right?

We touched on this the last post and we’ll cover it again soon. In the meantime, just keep typing away and learning that fine balance between your targeted keywords and readable content.


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